Ensemble Amir Amiri

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The Amir Amiri ensemble is an ensemble of virtuoso musicians from the Persian tradition: Amir Amiri (santur),  Abdul-Wahab Khayyali (oud), Reza Abaee (ghaychak),  Omar Abu Afech (Viola), and Hamin Honari (percussion). Inspired by the diversity and fluidity of the many musical influences of Iran, the Amir Amiri Quartet creates an engaging and distinctive sound fusing the refinement of traditional and spiritual Persian music with folkloric and modern elements. In seeking to expand the boundaries of these musical traditions, balancing heritage and innovation, they find that the possibilities are limitless. In the eclectic musical universe of Amir Amiri Ensemble, borders are abolished to make way for bewitching alchemy, a mystical conversation between these kindred-spirit musicians.