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Each CQM member is assigned a page in the Member Directory. The page may contain:
  • the member's contact information;
  • the member's logo or photo;
  • a brief bio;
  • hyperlinks to the member's Web site;
  • the member's e-mail address.

This service aims to stimulate the circulation of concert music across all of Québec, in a pluridisciplinary dissemination context.
The objectives of the service are:
  • To stimulate the creation of structuring ties between the pluridisciplinary dissemination community and the music community;
  • To develop activities that help increase the number of productions in circulation;
  • To deepen mutual familiarity with the everyday realities of producers and plurisdisciplinary disseminators;
  • To come up with a system for supporting and encouraging innovation and boldness.
The principal achievements are:
  • The Big Music Gathering, an event that brings together disseminators and musicians from all regions who wish to collaborate in raising the profile of concert music throughout the entire province.
  • Initiation to music, for disseminators and audience development: the Music Initiation modules (in French only) provide a general introduction to music, by category
  • (classical, Renaissance/Baroque, vocal music, world music, Romantic/Post-Romantic, 20th century, contemporary and avant-garde). Each module accompanies a learning program and has been developed by experts expressly for the CQM.

The platform A listing of concert offerings from CQM members designed for disseminators.

Ten to 12 times a year, the CQM publishes a newsletter for its members, Nouvelles
brèves (in French only). It brings them up to date on CQM activities and new developments and important notices related to the music industry.

Reduced rates at partner establishments and outlets
Each year, the CQM strikes agreements wih various hotels (in the Québec City, Montreal, and Estrie regions) that give its members rate discounts. The CQM also has a similar agreement in place for car and truck rentals.

The DIAPASON Management Support service is intended for corporate members whose financial or managerial situation is precarious.
The program's objectives are:
  • To support the establishment and improvement of management practices that will make the organizations more effective
  • To contribute to the training and professional development of the organizations' personnel and of workers of the concert music community
It provides music organizations management support services, through the sharing of qualified human resources (freelancers) for stand-alone activities.
For more detailed information on Diapason, click HERE.