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Promoting the Québec music environment

The CQM promotes cohesion, recognition, development and defence of the interests of the Québec music environment.

Committees and industry tables are responsible for numerous files relating to:
  • Concert distribution
  • Musical creation
  • Arts in the schools
  • Sound recording
  • Stabilizing jobs in the music sector
  • The presence of music in national and international media 
CQM representational activities strive to promote discipline to government authorities as well as local, national and international communities.

  To bring together organizations and individuals working in the field of what is commonly referred to as concert music.
To promote concert music to government bodies and to local, national and international audiences.
To contribute to the development, consolidation and cohesion of Québec's professional music community.
  The CQM constitutes a relevant, significant hub that is known and acknowledged by all professional musicians and music organizations in Québec. It is an invaluable resource to its members and a pivotal player in the arts.
  The CQM favours a humanistic approach, and all its actions are based on the following core values:

• Proactiveness: Being watchful and ready to take action; proposing clear actions and procedures;

• Rigour: Showing integrity, transparency and accuracy in all CQM interventions; making decisions based on sound, reliable information;

• Unity: Serving the common good and respecting the rights of all; being fair, impartial and non-partisan. 


CQM members

  • Production, distribution and support organizations
  • Schools and recording studios
  • Performers, composers, musicologists, producers and managers

The CQM serving its members

The CQM also offers numerous services to its members:
  • Opus Awards
  • Circulation of music in Québec
  • The Diapason program for management support
  • Promotional support activities
  • On-going training
  • Developing agreements with various commercial partners
  • Publication of an electronic directory of members

The CQM also participates in Jazzahead, International Artist Managers Association (IAMA), Musicora, the Paris Music Trade Show, to promote Québec concert music and establish contacts in Europe.